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Great ways to connect to the ocean on the Sapphire Coast

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As a proud Victorian you love spending lots of your spare time with your family in and around Melbourne. Holiday time is coming up and you are about to surprise the wife and kids by taking them somewhere different and across the border.

Yes, you are taking them to NSW and the pretty seaside town of Merimbula because you feel it is time to make a proper connection to the ocean. To get the full benefit you will be heading out using Sapphire Coastal Adventures.

Fishing charter

You really don’t know too much about fishing apart from listening to a mate at the RBL, it’s something you fancy trying out at sea. The great news is that being a novice is no obstacle as all the necessary equipment and bait will be provided, with full assistance being offered to those unsure how to bait their line, along with instructions on what to do.

You just turn up on the day to board a well-prepared vessel as a licensed captain and his crew will look after all your needs. The will head to the best reefs, according to local knowledge, to offer the greatest chance to catch the fish. How cool would it be to take home supper for the family for the barbie!

Whale watching

The Sapphire Coast is a great location for whale watching, with Humpbacks and other species passing on their annual migration and return from Antarctica. Out at sea you will be close to the whales, seeing great chances of taking videos and photos.

Once again, a qualified crew will ensure your safety and offer expert advice as to how to get the most from your trip out to sea. While there are regulations in force so that your boat is required to remain 100 meters from the whales, they cannot read or understand the rules so sometimes they get so close to a boat that it must halt, which is called a mugging. Imagine showing a video of that to your mates back home.

Ocean wildlife adventure tour

One for the whole family as a two-hour trip will reveal the stunning coastline, with its many beaches along with its wildlife.

Choose the Sapphire Coast for your holiday

Merimbula will be a lovely base to kick back and relax before returning home reinvigorated, with there being something that will please everyone as you feel a real connection to the ocean.

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